Android Based Smartphones Have Topped In Sale In Q3, 2011

The market research firm Gartner after their recent survey has disclosed that Google’s Android based smartphone sale is growing on rapidly. Nearly 115 million smartphones have been sold worldwide in the third quarter of 2011. Out of them 60 million which is 52.2 percent of the total smartphone sale is Android Based Smartphones.

The famous research firm has indicated to the growing popularity of Android among smartphone lovers. The ratio of the preference and sale of iOS and Android is now 3:1. The ratio is still growing on in e favor of Android. One of the reasons behind the decreasing popularity of iOS among people is the unexpected trouble given by iOS 5.

In the third quarter of the 2011 nearly 440.4 million mobile handsets have been sold. That indicates to a rise in total mobile sale by 5.4 percent from the last year. In case of manufacturing mobile devices Nokia has successfully placed itself on the top. Samsung has become the top most company that sold maximum smartphones in the third quarter of 2011. Nearly 24 million Samsung smartphones have been sold in the mentioned time period.

Robert Cozza who is the research analyst of Gartner has mentioned that the helpful factors behind Android’s success are the deficiency of new attractive products from the rival Operating Systems including Windows Phone 7 and RIM, weak competition from rival companies and mass demands of Android.

Except Samsung the market shares of other companies seem to fall currently. The market share of the Research In Motion which is abbreviated as RIM has come down to 11 percent which is 4.4 percent down than the last year’s share. The share of Apple’s iPhones based on the iOS has slipped down from 16.7 percent in the last year to 15 percent in the third quarter of this year. Windows Phone 7’s share has also decreased by one and one half per cent.