Apple Iphone got some help from Steve Jobs

Apple 4S went on sale after the death of Steve Jobs.  People buy the latest iPhone as a tribute to the former Apple boss.

Hundreds of fans queued around city blocks in Sydney and Tokyo so that they could be one of the first to get their hands on the iPhone 4S, which has some resemblance with the previous iPhone 4 but has a better camera, faster processor and well-received voice galvanized software.

Haruko Shiraishi waited along with her yorkshire terrier Miu Miu at the very end of an eight block queue in Tokyo’s smart Ginza shopping district so that she could own an Iphone.  She says she wanted to buy the IPhone so that she would have something to remember Steve.

Australian Tom Mosca, the first to buy the new phone in Sydney, noted that the first thing that she would ask her his new white iPhone is the location of Steve Jobs.  A lot of people believed that iPhone 4S created as a tribute for Steve.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and his executive team hope that the new iPhone launched without the firm’s former visionary leader at the helm, is going to protect their global market share against competitors including Samsung.

The South Korean firm, Apple’s arch-rival with smartphones powered by Google’s Android software, expect it would be overtaking their rival as the world’s biggest smartphone vendor when it comes to the units sold in the third quarter.

The iPhone 4S – presented to the world after the death of Jobs  — got hailed as a disappointment since it fell short of being a revolution in design, but flattering reviews centered around its “Siri” voice-activated software have since aided it set a record pace in initial, online sales orders.

Apple’s Asian fans did not get disappointed with their new phones, ahead of sales in Germany, France, Britain and North America.

However, despite the entire craze at Apple stores, the launch  marred somewhat by extensive complaints on the Internet about issues such as downloading iOS 5 – the current  version of Apple’s mobile software.

The vast majority of iPhone 4S buyers at the Sydney store seemed to be past Apple customers.  Many of them have bought an Apple iPhone before, and only upgrades each time are a new iPhone.

To feel the presence of Steve Jobs some of Apple fans in Sydney and Tokyo put some put up some flower, candle and photo shrines to the late Apple boss built outside the stores.