Apple Planning To Introduce iTV In 2012

Apple has instructed manufacturers to start their work of developing television sets that are expected to enter the market in the first quarter of the coming year. And get ready and new monitor stands for this latest TV set in your living room too. According to DigiTimes the launching in the first quarter will no doubt manage plenty of time for the company to arrange its second and third quarter launching.

According to leaked news in the initial stage the company is going to bring two models of the television set – one 32 inch model and another 37 inch model. According to Korean media Samsung is one of the manufacturers who are set to produce the television sets. Samsung is also manufacturing chips for the television sets. Sharp is going to manufacture the display of the iTV. In addition the television sets are reportedly going to have some built in Apple TV features. It is also known from the same source that the company is also planning on launching a refurbished standalone set-top box in the coming year.

Sometimes ago a rumor developed in the tech world that Apple was preparing to launch television sets but then nothing happen. A few years ago Apple launched its TV set top box. But it did not create much impression on people’s mind. Apple’s then CEO Steve Jobs also declared it as “Apple’s hobby”. The set top boxes had problem in delivery according to Jobs. It seems that the company is launching their television sets to reinvent another line up of redesigned set top boxes.

Steve Jobs biography writer Walter Isaacson has indicated in his book that Jobs had clear intention to enter the television market and from this the tech world has come to the conclusion that iTV rumor is going to be true. It is true that manufacturing an iTV device inside a set is a quite complicated task but if news like the introduction of iCloud-based DVR are to be believed then the iTV device is much believable a plan to materialized.