Apple’s 15” Macbook Going To Release Soon

Apple’s ultra thin, 15 inch Macbook is expected to hit the market soon. A few weeks before some leaked news said that Apple has finally developed a LCD test component and now there is another news in the market that Apple suppliers are bringing low volumes of other components that are necessary for the Macbook.

According to the Digitimes Apple is expected to launch the shiny new Macbook in the second quarter of 2012. It must be noted that Digitimes is famous for its news sources in China. But still by predicting the releasing date of the Macbook so many months before has made every one surprised.

There is not much news about the features details of the 15 inch Macbook. But Digitimes with its strong sources has expectedly brought some news about the mentioned Macbook.

Digitimes also has disclosed that Apple has planned for three screen sizes for the Macbook Pro. It will come in three sizes, specifically in 13.3 inch, in 15.6 inch and in 17 inch. Some sources have suggested that Apple will bring out the 15 inch Macbook from its traditional all aluminum unibody design. Sources have also suggested that the 15 inch Macbook will be associated with a Solid State Drive or SSD instead of an optical drive and the mechanical hard drive option will be unavailable. But it is still not clear whether the 15 inch Macbook will fall under the Macbook Pro line or the Macbook Air line.

Right now the most important question is whether the 15 inch Macbook will fall the same standard as the Ultrabooks. However, the 15 inch Macbook will surely get hard and tough competitions from Asus and Acer who are already planning on their 15 inch notebooks. So let us just wait and enjoy the race.