BlackBerry 10 Smartphone Release Has Been Delayed

Research In Motion was going through a very bad time during past few months. But the situation has become even more difficult for them. According to a most dependable source of BGR the upcoming release of the company, the BlackBerry 10 is a very poor device. It was expected that the company would acquire users trust again by its latest release. But after the poor remarks about the BlackBerry 10 it seems that the last hope for the company is not going to work.

According to BGR, RIM can push back the release of BlackBerry 10 handsets as much as possible but still the handsets will be unable to stand in the race. During the past few months the company has already lost a number of smartphone customers due to its failure to fulfill the customers’ expectations that have been flickered by revolutionary smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Google.

Research In Motion has already delayed the launching of its new line up of BlackBerry 10 smartphones until 2012. RIM CEO Mark Lazardiris has disclosed that the company is waiting for the forthcoming LTE chipsets to incorporate them in the BlackBerry 10 smartphones. But BGR’s sources have declared the Mark Lazardiris’ claim to be faked. According to the sources the company actually has no completely manufactured product in hand to release and this is the genuine reason of the postponement.

A conversation with an insider of RIM has revealed that the miserable situation of Blackberry 10 can be inferred from the unrevealed tablet software, Playbook 2.0. Although the BlackBerry email and messenger are the two most popular apps of the BlackBerry ecosystem the unrevealed software is still incapable of operating RIM’s network to carry on the two apps. He has also mentioned that in comparison with Blackberry 10 the two aforementioned apps are better run by BlackBerry 8700 handsets which were released in 2005.