Blackberry Launches Torch 9850(Sprint)

Blackberry is trying to ensure that its market is not captured by the new android phones that provide a much longer screen than only 2.8”. So to keep the limelight on them they are bringing out the Torch 9850 otherwise known as sprint. The design of this phone is pretty slick compared to the Storm and Storm 2 and has got great looks about it. it weighs only 4.8 ounces and is thick up to 0.5 inch at the widest part. The large display is glossy and is surrounded by bezel that makes it look beautiful.  The screen is pretty large, 3.7” compared to the previous versions and therefore is attractive for consumers who prefer Blackberry. The screen resolution is 800 x  480 and has real brightness that helps to look at it even in direct sunlight.

The screen is also made of strong glass that can withstand scorching heat. The capacitive touchscreen is highly responsive and users will find it highly flexible for use. The keyboard provided in this smartphone is however not the best and is not really fast. It is very narrow compared to earlier versions and therefore doesn’t provide the user friendly typing condition. Coming to the OS, the Torch 9850 runs with the Blackberry 7 OS, which provides multiple screen options to  its users for  faster navigation. It also helps in opening and closing of apps very quickly and its interface is really great. It is powered by the 1.2 GHz QUALCOMM 8655 processor and 768MB of RAM, the same specs that are found in the Bold 9900. The launching of apps and switching from one app to another was as fast as it can be and hence you will have the optimum performance out of this smartphone.

The Torch9850 is not a 4G and it is not as fast. Still the 3G was very fast and hence browsing the net was also quite swift to serve the purpose. The camera with 5 mega pixel was a great one, its flash is something which gave superb images at all conditions and the picture quality was terrific. All the details of a photo were sharply produced and thus the video recording was also as good as it is possible. The 1230 mAh Li-Ion battery proved to be compatible for the performance it provides and provides and a long talktime. In conclusion the Blackberry Torch 9850is available at 149$ is worth a trying for our consumers.