Clear or Delete Auto Complete History On Internet Explorer 9

Many of us are now a day, facing some privacy issue when they exactly go to share their computer. Though, they do not want to be popping up that for other to see, also their typed information. But need not to be any worried; just do delete your auto complete history, all that essential information will be removed.

Here I am giving simple step by step procedure with the help of which you can easily do it without any hesitation and according to me it may be the best solution of your problem at this moment, so just read the following segment carefully:

  1. Do open your Internet Explorer Browser 9.
  2. Make a right click on the Tools icon, which is on the upper right sight corner of the browser, else you may also use Alt + X command to do that.
  3. Next move your cursor towards Internet Option and Select it.
  4. From the existing menu do select Content tab.
  5. Next again move your cursor towards Auto Complete tab.
  6. Then put your curser on the Settings button and click on that.
  7. Now move your cursor again towards Delete Auto Complete History tab.
  8. Click on it.
  9. Next again click on the OK button in the same Auto Complete Settings Window.
  10. Again do right click on the Internet Options window.
  11. So if you perform the entire process well then your problem will solve.
  12. It’s a simple trick just try it today at home and enjoy.