Handy Gadget for Health Conscious People

Jawbone introduces a wristband that encourages well being, the Up.  The device comes with an integrated software and hardware system, which can track every time a person eat, sleep and every movement that they make and provide one with a detailed reading on one’s general health.  The wristband has the same size as normal strap and has a sensor.  The sensor passes the data to the smart phone app to collect and process the data.

In an interview with news website Wired.com, Rahman, Jawbone’s CEO say the strap is a complete system which encompasses hardware and software to deal with the bigger problem with the health today.  Also, the device can be wear as an added accessory since it is highly fashionable in design that integrates a social and connected experience every minute.

Up is one of the smart phone accessories, which enables a person to monitor their health.  Since the device is part of the smart phone wireless communication, the new device is capable of delivering up-to-date, personalized recurring data in able to track patterns and get feedbacks.  Anyone wearing the device can adjust their workout habits.  Also, Up could improve one’s sleeping and eating habit.

Silicon Valley also sells a similar product that could be worn all the time.  Lark includes a sensor that detects when the person sleeps or wake up as the alarm goes up the device then collects the data.

Researchers believe that the devices that could monitor health help the wearer by improving their lifestyle thus prevent diseases.  As of now, University of Washington researcher busy with developing a contact lens capable of monitoring blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels, which collects data from the exterior of the eye and provides real-time feedback of one’s vital sign, an application that alerts the individual every time he is sick.  It allows people to treat the disease before it manifests itself.

Up is not a sickness-prevention tool, but a life gadget designed to encourage healthy options in life.  The device sensor monitors one’s activity and transmits the information to the smart phone app.  The smart phone displays a message on its screen to make some changes with one’s lifestyle. The smart phone also comes up with some helpful tips on how one’s health could be improved.

Jawbone created Up in a way that the wearer could just put on the device and forget about it.

Hosain Rahman, CEO of Jawbone tested the device upon himself.  It has been a month since he wears the device and he never took it off since then.