How to Spruce Up Your Business

A great way to begin the New Year on the job is to come up with some ways to smarten up the office. This will not only to catch the eye, but it will also help your staff and clients enjoy the space and work more efficiently. If you’re looking to get the office in top shape, here are a few ideas and simple changes to get you started:

High Tech Gear
You do not need to break the bank to have good quality computers, printers, or other office equipment. Technology is advancing fast, and it’s important to keep up. Instead of the same old computers that you’ve been putting up with for years, consider getting your team members something really efficient like a business ultrabook. These are powerful computer systems that are built to rival some of the most powerful desktops, but also give you the convenience of portability. Be sure to update software accordingly and in case of malfunctions, use a trusted technical support service.

Not Just Any Break Room
Whether you’re on your lunch break or you’re simply taking some time out, you want the break room to look nice. This room should be useful, yet comfortable. A full kitchen is always helpful, if you have the space and the budget, but if not, try to include at least a microwave and a mini fridge.

To achieve a relaxed atmosphere, add the right kind of furniture. Try a few pieces that resemble a little bistro or patio eatery. Line one wall with a bar and comfy stools to save on space. Use another wall for edgy and stylish sofas. If you feel it necessary, you may add a pool table or ping pong table for a bit of fun and some down time. Things like this can really help with company morale and employment retention.

A Good Clean Feeling

If you can see the scum on the windows and unknown stains in the carpets, then your clients can see those things, too, and they are not impressed. Most offices could use a good, deep clean. Hire a crew to come in quarterly and wash carpets, disinfect tables and chairs, and clean those windows to a bright shine. It’s a good investment, and your staff will feel more at ease in a clean environment. If things get dirtier than usual, you may want to opt for a once a month cleaning regime. Another room to keep clean is the front entrance. Your customers want to come into a business that’s spotless, cheery, and hygienic.

A Better Place to Work

Do you want to maintain a casual atmosphere at the office or is it all serious business? You can convey the right mood with the kind of furniture you use. Choose seating and work stations that are pleasing and comfortable. Look for tables and chairs that are easy to rearrange, stylish, and don’t clutter up the room. Work spaces should get lots of natural light, and privacy.

Completely revamp the boardroom by ditching that bulky table and adding some high back, cushioned arm chairs. Lay down a giant ornate area rug and mount a large flat screen television. This kind of change can invigorate your team members and you could see a surge in business morale and maybe even a profits increase.

What are your plans for sprucing up the office this year?


Author Bio:

Brian Jensen who works with Dell. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with his family. He has a passion for learning and writing about all things technology.