HTC Says It Has No Necessity Of Clashing With Apple

HTC, the leading mobile phone manufacturer of the mobile phones of the world, has said that it does not have any need to clash with Apple and that the company is secure in its own space. The president of the company in charge of American operations, Martin Fitcher, has said that HTC has no intentions of being an Apple iPhone killer.

He also said that any talk of unhealthy rivalry with Apple is condemned in the office. According to the president, HTC aimed at targeting the market of smart phone users who are not comfortable with Apple services and facilities. The smart phone market is large enough to accommodate more than a couple of providers.

For the record, HTC is a leading user of Android operating system, which is the main rival of Apple iOS. In fact, Android has drawn a lot of Apple customers into its camp by providing more technologically developed services and facilities in its operating system. Owing to the development of Android, iOS and software by other manufacturers, the smart phone market has changed from a hardware driven market to an operating system drawn market. Fitcher said that Android and the manufacturers using Android should be dubbed as Apple killers. They provide alternative services, perhaps better, than what Apple provides.

Android has several features that are more advanced than Apple iOS. The recent introduction of Watch Movie by HTC is very different from the iPhone market. Although the Android user HTC is not concerned about killing iPhone, there are more companies that are on a head on battle collision course with Apple, the biggest example being Samsung. The Galaxy series by Samsung has had to face a lot of opposition from Apple and has been banned from sale in Germany and cases are pending in the United States, Japan and Australia.

Despite being a strong android user and being the company with the latest updates of Android in its gadget, HTC has planned to purchase Web OS, which is a HP product. This can damp the efforts of Microsoft to raise the usage of its Windows 7 mobile operating system. Microsoft and Samsung have recently announced collaboration for producing new smart phones. This trend among mobile manufacturers might be an indication that android might not remain a free operating system, since it has acquired Motorola. Leading android patrons such as HTC and Samsung have been seen to look for newer avenues.