HTC Set To Announce Its New Runnymede Release

With the increase in income of customers they are looking to go for higher performance smart phones and HTC is bringing out a new Smartphone which promises to be a real champ in the Smartphone market. The HTC Runnymede will soon be announced in the market and it is bound to create some headache for the other Smartphone manufacturers who may have to change their specs to live up to the demand for smart phones.Looks has always been the priority for the HTC Company and they believe the first appearance should be the best appearance. The same is true for the Runnymede which has got a real airs about it.  the HTC UI sense is one the things that HTC has maintained in all their premium handsets and the same is applicable in this handset which gives a soothing feeling to the hand. The multi touch input sensor is also useful and real handy under certain circumstances.

The Android OS ( Gingerbread) v2.3 is one of the latest OS systems used in Smartphone’s and when you add the superfast extreme  1.5GHz scorpion processor with Adreno  205 GPU and Qualcomm chipset you can understand the real power of the handset. In a blink of an eye you can open and close your apps, get to edit or view your documents and share on the nest with enormous speed. Add to that there is a 768Mb RAM which gives a boost to all your processes.

The camera is one feature that HTC has always been brilliant and here they are with fabulous 8 Mega Pixel camera along with dual LED flash which gives you crystal clear images and perfect picture view. The auto focus and Geo Tagging facility helps in capturing photos with ease. The 720p video recording provides perfect solution for all your video capturing queries. And guess what! To help you in video conferencing there is 1.3 Mega pixel camera in the front, so no getting away from all your social networking and video chatting!

The internal memory supports up to 32 GB but when you think of external memory card slot it is a big disappointment. There is no provision for external memory card slot and this can give a negative effect in the market for the Runnymede. Indeed more memory space attracts more customers.

The Wi-Fi technology with 3G speed provides superfast broadband connection and has you can do all of your work online. The 1600 Li-Ion MAh battery provides good support to the CPU and Ram.

All in all the HTC Runnymede is set to release itself in the Smartphone market which is a good one to have for your personal usage.