Intel’s Netbook Special Processors Coming Soon

Chip manufacturing company Intel is reported to set in motion the shipping of their forthcoming low-power Atom processors especially designed for netbooks. In last September Intel introduced two low power chips for desktops. But the forthcoming Atom N2600 and N2800 processors, the new members of Cedar Trail family, are believed to be able to replace the present N455 and N475 Pine Trail processors which are compatible with cheap, light and small laptops.

The next generation Intel Atom processors due to its reliance on the latest PowerVR SGX 545 engine, generated from Imagination Technologies are expected to provide 2 times more brilliant graphics performance than the former Intel chips. While presenting the new chips before press Intel only mentioned about the DirectX 9 support. Therefore it can be assumed that the company did not get Microsoft’s certificate for the DirectX 10.1.

According to AnandTech the new chips will not provide any dedicated media engine in order to decode motion videos, including 1080p H.264 support. The chips will also provide support for the Wireless Display technology of Intel although the availability of the feature will depend on the type of the system and price range.

The 32 nm based processors will provide more powerful GPU performance but with less power consumption. The N2600 is fixed at 1.6 GHz and a TDP of only 3.5 watts and the N2800 is fixed at 1.86 GHz and a TDP of only 6.5 watt. Both of the processors are dual core. According to Intel’s claim the aforementioned chips will provide netbooks battery life up to 10 hours.

Intel is expected to introduce a serious of Cedar Trail netbooks ranged between $199 and $229. Netbooks containing Intel’s WiDi and the fanless design will come in $399. All the netbooks will hit the market in 2012.