iPhone 4S Set Off Its Journey To China

Today the family of Apple has confirmed that their block buster cell phone finally sat on the ship and just waiting to arrive in China market on 13 the January. Apple has also said that it will launch 21 other country also at the same time.

The announcement has come at such a moment, while Apple is trying to hang on its leadership position in this world of Smartphone, because Android phones already overtaken the entire smartphone market since the last year, those at the last year in last quarter iPhone selling was at the top.

So, Apple is now trying to hold that same position again this year. In specific iPhone 4S is their only weapon with the help of which they are now dominating the entire cell phone market since the last quarter.

Quite easily it can say that with this iPhone 4S model the expectation of Apple is basically at the high. As Apple declared last time that iPhone 4S unit was sold out near about 4 million within first three days after its launch, which additionally plays the key role to enhance their financial performance also. That’s why Apple is now decided to launch this block buster cell phone globally.