New Generation Ultrabooks Ready To Hit The Market Soon

World’s leading computer manufacturing company HP and Dell are going to bring in market their first Ultrabook. Digi Times’ has leaked the news. Earlier Acer, Asus, Toshiba and Lenovo had introduced their Ultrabooks to market. HP has revealed their plans to launch their ultrabook at the very end of this year through Quanta Computer, a Taiwanese computer manufacturing company, while Dell has planned to make the first appearance of their ultrabook, co – produced by Wistron in January 2012 in CES. They have also informed that their ultrabook will be offering a 14 inch screen.

According to the source, Acer has made a contract with Wistron to produce their 13.3 inch Aspire S3, while they have given the responsibility of manufacturing the 15 inch Aspire S3 to Compal Electronics. Compal Electronics has also received the job of making Lenovo’s Idea Pad U300s. Another well known computer manufacturing company Asus has delivered the task of making their 11.6 inch UX21 and 13 inch UX31 to Pegatron Technology. Although, we have not yet got any particular date of release of these mentioned devices, they are expected to hit the market before the next year.

The delay made by HP and Dell is presently giving rise to rumors that they are delaying their devices, because they have planned to associate their devices with Intel’s next generation 22 nm processing architecture called Ivy Bridge. Although, this is not impossible in all aspects, it does not seem to be so. Some sources have reported that Ivy Bridge is going to set its foot in market in sometimes around March or April in 2012.

A source VR – Zone has revealed that some of the Ivy Bridge ultrabooks are expected to offer an outstanding display. Most of them will offer 1366 x 768 screens and some of them will also offer a display of 2560 x 1440 pixels.