Samsung Has Overtaken Nokia In Domestic Smartphone Market

Korean Tech Giant Samsung is close to become the ruler of the smartphone market. According to the market research firms Samsung has overhauled Nokia even in the domestic market.  It happened for the first time that Samsung left behind its Finnish rival in the number of smartphones sold and in the revenue acquired from it as well. Till now Nokia was the ruler; but now it seems that the Korean smartphone manufacturer has enough in its bag to compel Nokia to leave its former position.

Times Of India has quoted market research firm GfK reporting that in the last month of November Samsung’s volume share reached 38 per cent approx. and the value share also accomplished 35.2 per cent.

In the last few months the domestic smartphone market experienced a tag of wire between Samsung and Nokia. In the last October Samsung’s value share overtook Nokia’s. In that month Samsung’s value share stood at 32.3 per cent which was the highest value share in smartphone market. In response Nokia escorted the volume share in that month. Samsung succeeded in the Global smartphone market too. The Korean firm swept over Apple in terms of volume share in the third quarter of 2011 and became the biggest global smartphone seller of the quarter.

Ranjit Yadav, the Country Head of Samsung’s Mobile and IT has expressed that the reason behind Samsung’s success is its innovative ideas, incorporation of different operating systems and various price ranges for each and every class of people. According to him, Samsung offers more choices to people than any other smartphone manufacturer.

In the last year Samsung contributed 6 per cent extra to the Smartphone market. In the last of the year the smartphone market was ended at 2.5 million units which are expected to reach to 8.5 million units till the end of 2012. Smartphones available within the range of Rs 6,000 and Rs 40,000 has become the heartbeat of business purpose users as well as youngsters.

Nokia has launched its Lumia Windows based smartphones recently and these Lumia smartphones are the causes why Nokia is still in the fight. On the other hand, Samsung has total 13 smartphones in the market right now. Factors which have stimulated the growth of Samsung’s smartphone market are the inexpensiveness, availability on different platforms, namely Bada, Windows and Android and the number of useful features.

According to the experts in this year the smartphone market led by Samsung, Nokia and RIM will be more congested with Chinese and other small smartphone manufacturers.