Apple 4S got a boozed in sales with some help from Steve Jobs

On Friday, an estimated million people had placed their order for Appleā€™s latest iPhone. The said product is apparently the last product that Steve Jobs introduced to the world before dying.

Orders for the iPhone 4S, appearing on store shelves this Friday, exceeded Apple’s previous one-day record of 600,000 sales for the iPhone 4, which pushes the company’s shares up 4.3 percent to $385.50 on the Nasdaq stock market.


Apple is Anticipated to Introduce a New IPhone this week

People anticipate Apple to introduce a new Smartphone this week. It has been one year since the revelations of IPhone 4.

Last week, Apple Inc. sent an invitation through an email to a media event at its headquarters in Cupertino on Tuesday morning. The invite say that they want to talk about iPhone. It implies the normally enigmatic company intention in showing off the latest version of the device. At one time, Apple has launched a new iPhone during the summer, but this year Apple anticipating in holding off the new iPhone until fall.


New iPhone To Be Announced A Few Weeks From Now

An employee of Apple Inc has revealed that the official announcement regarding the phone will be made a few weeks from now. He has however, refrained from revealing his name. Nevertheless, talks about the launch have picked up following this revelation. Along with the revelation, images of the phone were posted as well. However, the Read more


McAfee Report Claim Google Android as the Platform Most Attacked By Malware

Latest reports by McAfee, the security maker for computer systems, say that Android is the platform that is most attacked by malware when compared to any other platform. According to the report, in the second quarter, there was a 76% increase in the attacks by malware on android devices. This is the highest attacked mobile Read more