Huntsville School going high-tech

It looks like that the days of Huntsville students, who carries a back pack full of the books numbered. Do not fret over it, as this is not a dreadful thing. The students would get a laptop to replace their books.

The district has purchased over 3,600 computers over the past month since Superintendent Casey Wardynski wants, to make some changes by forcing their school in creating a 21st-century school system.


Apple introduces its own Touch-Screen Tablet

Looks like Amazon are going to an unchartered territory as it tries to compete with the best in the industry. Reports claim that Amazon produces their own touch-screen tablet to compete against iPad.

Last Wednesday, the company introduces their own line of the tablet to the ever expanding market of handheld computers. The new device called Kinder Fire has the capability to connect to the Web, streams movies and TV, displays e-books as well as supports thousands of apps.


Syntex Makes A Move With The Window 7 OS In Their Tablet

A large number of tablets are available in the market nowadays and often we look for those of so called “branded” companies like Samsung, HTC and the Apple. Apple has been in prime form and it Ipad is going strong. Their demand is fairly high too. But those who do not want to use Ipad Read more


Apple’s share in UK market may fall

According to new research from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech currently, there is an estimate of 3.62 million people posses tablet computers in the UK, with Apple owning a 73% market share.

People assumed that that number is going to grow rapidly over the coming days, although Apple’s share may be eroded, since only half of potential tablet owners stating they will buy an iPad next year. Kantar got its data from a panel of through consumer interviews in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, US and Australia.