Twitter Went Out Of Action In The Very Beginning Of The Year

2011 has already gone and it is 2012 in going on with all its charms in the air. People are busy wishing each other in this happy beginning of the year. But unfortunately in the beginning of the year popular social networking site Twitter went out of action for a whole hour in Britain. The officials of Twitter have cited that Twitter was overloaded with New Year wish messages.

On Sunday the Daily Mail reported that Twitter went out of action in Saturday sometimes around 3 p.m. while midnight celebrations to welcome the New Year were going on in Japan and those party people sent nearly 16,197 tweets per second breaking all the former records on tweeting.

By ‘overloaded’ the officials of the social networking site meant the cessation of the ability of posting new messages and reading old messages. On that very beginning of the year twitter welcomed the irritated users with an error message saying that Twitter’s capacity was over. After one hour the site again came to action but with other problems. While users tried to use their Twitter profiles again its disorganized actions pointed to the fact that the social networking site got hit in many other parts of the world.

2012 is a very important year for the people of Britain. In this year Britain is going to experience the Paralympics, the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  Daily Mail has reported that on Saturday more than 250,000 gathered in Central London, some people gathered in the Trafalgar Square and the rest of the people were busy watching the pyrotechnics on the London Eye.

In Tokyo, people, gathering on the ground in the front of Tokyo Tower in welcome to the New Year set free helium balloons at midnight. People attached their wish notes for the year with those balloons.