Two Sony Android Tablets in Line for Launch

Sony has been procrastinating on bringing out the two much talked about android based tablets for quite some time now. As per previous reports, the new tablets that were to be called Sony tablets S1 and S2. however, latest reports say that Sony S1 will be called Sony S, Sony S2 will be called Sony P. the two tablets have been in line for launch since the past few weeks. While there have been leaks about vague snapshots and features, there was no confirmed news. It has now been confirmed that Sony is planning to bring out the tablet in the early days of September. The exact date of launch is yet to be known.

The details about the new launch have come to light as well. The tablet Sony P will work on the powerful dual core nvidia tegra 2, 1 GHZ processor. The tablet will consist of two touch screen that can be clapped shut. The size will be 5.5 inches each. The tablet will sport a RAM of 512 MB and an internal storage capacity of 4GB. The tablet will also come equipped with an extendable memory of 2GB; a microSD card has been included. The tablet will also come with a front facing camera of power 0.3 mp. It will be equipped either with 4G connectivity or Wi-Fi. The tablet is fairly light weight at 370g.

The other tablet, Sony S, will also have a dual core nvidia tegra processor of 1GHz. However, the tablet will weight more than Sony P. the weight will be 600gm. The RAM will be of 1GB and the tablet will have an internal storage space of either 16 GB or 32 GB. Like Sony P, Sony S will also have a front facing camera. Further details have not been known. Considering that the weight of the tablet is higher, it will come equipped with extra features.

The costs of the tablets have not been made public. However, Sony gadgets have always been on the more expensive side. It has to be seen whether Sony has plans of bringing out low range phones. In the Android market, the cheapest tablet if now available for less than $200. it is the cheapest and also the most powerful android tablet below $200. Android tablets have been doing excellent business all over the world. The sales of Android gadgets have recorded a 7% hike in the month of June-July. It also tops the list of the maximum growth percentage, closely followed by Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG and Motorola.