Ultrabooks’ Shipment Expected To Hit 43% By 2015

IHS iSuppli the market research firm has most recently predicted that Ultrabook will occupy the 43 per cent of notebook sale market by the year 2015. You may reasonably find it surprising, because Ultrabook has entered the market a very little time ago.

The light weight and thin design ( which is less than 0.8 inch ) of Ultrabook mark its difference from a notebook. Otherwise in case of features Ultrabook is almost the same as a notebook. An Ultrabook only punches the features of media tablets with the features of notebooks. That’s why Ultrabooks offer all time connected wireless links, outstanding long run batteries that can give 8 hours of service on a single charge and many more mouth watering features.

The renowned market research firm in a press release has mentioned that although Ultrabooks have occupied the 2 per cent of notebook sale in 2011 and 13 per cent of notebook sale in 2012 from 2013 the sale will grow rapidly. By 2013 the Ultrabook sale will reach up to 28 per cent which again will grew up to 38 per cent in 2014. And finally according to the firm the sale will reach to 43 per cent by 2015.


Acer and Asus, the current makers of Ultrabooks are at present sharing the customers’ choice with Apple’s MacBook Air. But the growing demand of tablets among people is emerging as a threat to the notebooks market. However the new furnished design of Ultrabooks with Windows 8 Operating System and Intel’s new generation processors is believed to attract some of the people to notebooks again and save the drowning ship of notebooks.

Other than this forecast of IHS iSuppli another forecast of Intel has also mentioned the growth of Ultrabook sale although the mentioned digits were different. Intel mentioned 40 per cent growth of Ultrabook market by the year 2012. However, in the last week it seemed that Ultrabooks were failing to meet the expectations but it has reached the trail of growth again.