Young India – Overcomes Calling Or Messaging System

There is a new craze among people be young or adult and the craze is about Smartphones. Recently   the Nielsen Information Mobile Company, which is an alliance between the Nielsen Company and the Information Mobile Intelligence has conducted a study about the reason behind the craze of smartphones among people. The study has revealed that the people are more attracted to the Internet Based Contents than Calling or Text Messaging using the smartphone.

The study disclosed the record that generally a smartphone user uses his smartphone 2.5 hours a day. It is the average smartphone using time (per day) among people. Among these people nearly 72 percent of people expand their time on smartphone by Playing Games, using Various Apps etc, while only 28 percent of people spend the time on their smartphones by voice calling or sms – ing.

The researchers also observed the young generation smartphone users and concluded that most of them spend more than 3 hours per day on their smartphones and 60 percent among them use the whole time in downloading Apps, playing online Games, watching Videos Or Movies or simply surfing on Internet.

There are also many find outs of the study, such that: now people are preferring the 3G plans on their smartphones and 44 percent more than 2G plan, people who are using Android Operating System loads 19 apps per month in contrast to Symbian Operating System users, who loads 10 apps per month. There is another one finding of the study and that is 68 percent of youngsters of the age 15 to 24 years are using chat applications, while only 42 percent of people of 31 years age are using those apps.

Experts are saying that it is very much necessary for the mobile manufacturers to understand this behavior of the young India because it will help them to attract more and more customers by teaching them what their customers want from them.