Amazon Next Plan To Bring A Smartphone

Mark Mahaney who is a market analyst of Citigroup has revealed that Amazon is planning on launching its smartphone soon. The smartphones from Amazon will hit the market during the Holiday season Next year, according to him. It has been known that the company is sailing their Kindle Fire Tabs at a loss. But it is expected that the company will make profit in the hardware section of the coming smartphones.

Mark Mahaney has verified the supply chains in Asia and has come to the assumption that the news of Amazon’s developing smartphone it true. His findings have leaded him to acknowledge that Amazon is trying to create link up with Foxconn to manufacture their smartphones. Foxconn is the company that develops Apple’s iPhones. He has also found out that if the deal with Foxconn somehow fails to actualize Amazon will aim at Hon Hai’s TMS business group.

Mark Mahaney accepts the Amazon smartphones to be designed with Texas Instruments OMAP 4 processors and Qualcomm dual-mode 6-series baseband chips. But his sources have failed to disclose anything about the operating system of the mentioned phone. Which operating system Amazon is going to incorporate into their smartphones is still unknown. We can imagine a revised version of Android just like the Kindle Fire tabs or the Windows operating system. However He has also mentioned that according to his knowledge Amazon’s smartphones will be available in the price of $150-$170.

The Kindle e-Reader has brought name, fame and profit for Amazon over the last three years. The Kindle Fire without any doubt will also become another super hit device of Amazon because of its low price and allowance to Amazon’s vast digital resources. And now the smartphone is expected to add another feather of fame to the crown of Amazon.