Android Phones Surpasses The Other Technologies In Many Aspects

IPhone was launched by Apple and it became really famous and popular all over the world. But ever since the Android Technology has come to the market it has given the smartphones the real boost up that it needed and therefore has become the supreme power controlling the smartphones market.

In last few years as the statistics have told that the selling of Android phones are far more than IPhone manufacturer could manage and there are several reasons behind it too and those are quite commonly known as well. But many want to know why IPhone is lagging behind and for them a few of the reasons are stated below:

Battery Life

The battery life that the Android phone delivers is quite unmatched among all types of smartphones that are available in the market. In fact in the hardware portion the Android phones surpasses any other phone because of their capability to produce enormous power and strengthening their hardware lifetime for a longer period.

One thing for sure the performance of the battery varies from one Android phone to another, but whatever it may be it is still better than the IPhone or the Symbian.


IPhone has a camera that is only of 5 mega pixels. But there are so many smartphones that have cameras extending up to 8 mega pixels which can produce superior quality photos without much problem and can also have great photos shooting under low light condition. With IPhone you will never get the same type of performance on the camera and it is not quite up to it either.


There are so many android phones that have large screens which can sometimes be over 5 inches. The screen resolution is larger and thus gives you lot more area to play your videos or games when you have time. The IPhone has a smaller screen and also lacks the different technologies that goes into Android phones as per the sensor is concerned. But in multi-tasking of course the IPhone is quite up there and you cannot differentiate it in that aspect from an Android based smartphone.

Expandable memory

Memory space has always been a vital part of any device and with Android phones you are able to get the expandable memory slots that help you in increasing the memory in order to store more data. It has become a great advantage over the IPhone in this aspect as well.