Android Tablet Can Cost Less Than $200 Due To X10 AirPad

Android tablets are now available for less than $200, which is the lowest price in the tablet range. This low cost tablet comes in the form of X10 AirPad, which was released a couple of days ago. It has been proclaimed as the best Android tablet, which is available for lower than $200. The tablet measures 7 inches and has been released by X10. While the tablet will make it possible for a lot of people to own Android tablets, some of the features could have been a lot better. However, considering the price, many of these aspects are completely forgivable.The tablet comes with an internal storage of 4GB; the processor is a 1.2GHZ Rockchip 2918 Cortex A8 and a RAM of 512 MB. The tablet also consists of a full sized USB connection, HDMI output and microSD expansion. However, some of the disappointing things about the tablet are a 2 megapixel low resolution camera, which only provides image clarity of 800×480 pixel. In comparison, the camera resolution of Samsung Galaxy Tab is 1024×600 pixels, 3 mega pixel resolutions.

Another little drawback that the tablet consists of is the older Android version. While a lot of android tablets today are powered by Android Honeycomb, this tablet uses Android 2.3 Gingerbread version. This can be a major drawback when it comes to apps because all the latest apps that are being developed are being made compatible with Honeycomb. After a while, apps working on Gingerbread might stop being developed. Users of this cheap tablet will be stuck with the older apps. The good thing about the tablet is that it has access to Android library and market. It offers good facilities as an e-book reader. When compared to a lot of lower end products that do not have access to libraries, AirPad is worth buying.

As an e-book reader, AirPad is definitely set to overtake Kindle and Nook, as X10 promises. Along with excellent e-book reader facilities, AirPad provides a number of tablet features as well, which makes it a highly powerful and multi-functional e-book reader. Apps can be downloaded from Android store and the tablet offers a number of other facilities such as e-mail, social networking through Face Book and a browser, in addition to many other tools and applications.

For an average user, the tablet is perfect. With various features and the high level of affordability, this tablet will definitely find a number of takers. Although not as good as other high end tablet, it is definitely better than a lot of low range ones. Added to that is the Android tag, and it makes good value for money.