Apple Finally Confirms iOS 5 Poor Battery Issue

Since the launching of new generation iPhone or iPhone 4S, customers have been reporting about its poor battery life. Moreover the last week Apple has to face a lots of media issue due to this fault. Though, the authority has already requested to their users to step forward about their experiences with Apple’s latest handset iPhone 4S and mobile operating system iOS 5.

Though Cupertino has not told anything before getting it fully confirmed. But now they have come out while they saw the statement at AllThingsD.

In this matter the authority of Apple has claimed that only a small number of customers are experiencing this poor battery life problem on their iOS device. The authority has also said that several bugs here are affecting the autonomy of this mobile hardware. Though, the company has not yet cleared anything related which kinds of bugs are affecting here. But they have declared that they have shorted out this issue by using auto patch software, which are expecting to arrive in the market within next few weeks.

Various rumors are already started to be formed out. Some of its users are already starting to believe that its iOS 5 location service is running automatically in the background though they have stopped it, while others are starting to blame its entire notification system.

Apple has not removed the entire thing from their mind. Aside from that they said that both the opinion could be correct. Because after disabling few services like location services, weather and stock widgets, iCloud and notification screen they have found its battery life has improved.

Inspite of this announcement Apple has already released their next version of iOS, which is iOS 5.0.1 beta for their developers. With which they have claimed for better battery life and bug fixing facilities. So we have to wait next few days to watch that.