Apple Planning To Bring Two New iPads In Less Than One Month

According to some of the very dependable news sources in the tech world the Tech Giant Apple is going to bring in two all new iPad models in the coming month of January, 2012. It can be assumed that the two iPad models will make their first appearance in the coming iWorld which was previously known as the Macworld Expo. The occasion is fixed on 26th day of January 2012. If it happens then it will be one of the strangest incidents of the coming year because Apple has not appeared in the event since the year 2009.

According to DigiTimes the two forthcoming iPad devices will sign up with the existing iPad 2 model and they will focus on every kind of market segments, including entry levels, middle-range and high end. According to Apple the iPad 2 is a direct and tough competitor of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets. Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets are available in $199 whereas iPad’s Price range starts from $499. It is really very hard to consider that Apple’s products are selling at low price but the description of iPad 2 as a direct competitor of Kindle Fire indicates to the fact that the iPad 2 is actually a representative of the low end market segment.

The forthcoming iPads will include 9.7 inch screen. The display resolution will be able to be upgraded to 2,048 x 1,536 pixels. The duel LED light bars contained in the new iPad models will be able to provide sufficient brightness to the screen. The responsibility of manufacturing the parts of display is on Sharp, Samsung and LG. The iPads will run on the power of quad-core A6 processors made by Samsung. Samsung has also been known to be responsible for the CMOS image sensor with the 5 MP camera of the iPads. Another sensor with am 8 MP camera is Sony’s responsibility.

Dynapack Internation Technology and Simplo Technology will supply the 14,000mAh batteries. Here, it must be mentioned that the mentioned battery power is almost double of iPad 2.