Apple’s New Photo Apps To Overwhelm The Users

Are you among those people, who are very passionate about paintings and photos, but are not proficient enough to create such a Piece of Art by their own? Have you ever felt the helplessness like your brain your heart your soul want to convey your expressions through a painting or want to capture a memorable moment you cherish – you pick up the pencil or the camera – you try your best -then finally fail to overcome your inefficiency? But now it seems that you have completed your share of sadness and depression.

Apple has claimed to build up some photo editing apps that will make people proud of themselves. Those apps will turn the photos even captured by the most inefficient man into actual Piece of Arts. You only have to take a photo and then choose from the superb collection of Apple photo apps and leave the rest to that app. It will simply add life to your heart stone expressionless photo.

The users can choose from the huge collection of apps including WordFoto, Halftone, ToonPAINT, AutoPainter, mosaic apps like MosaicArtist or MyPictureMosaic, Artist’s Touch for iPhone etc. Readers, do you want to furnish your drawing room with a painting of Van Gogh or Benson but unable to afford those expansive paintings? Don’t need to be sad at heart. The AutoPainter app of Apple will offer you the facility of turning any of your photos into such a painting that will bear remind you about the paintings of Van Gogh or Benson or Cezanne or Aquarell.

For the less matured users who have always desired to be cartooned Apple has brought apps like Halftone or ToonPAINT that can turn the photos of the users into cartoons. Moreover users can also put speech  balloons into those cartoon like photos. So users get ready to have your own comic book with your own characters and own speeches.

And don’t forget about the mosaic photo apps. Using those apps you can give your photos one color or multi color mosaic touch. That is no doubt something extremely mind blowing for those who like to amaze people and make them jealous with their possessions.

So people don’t waste time – just jump for those amazing apps – download them either in your iPad or iPhone – and let people envy you.