Archos Uncover It’s 7-Inch Android Tablet

In the field of Android Tablet the company of Archos has now introduced their new born member “Arnova 7” tablet, which has associated with 7 inch resistive touchscreen of 800 x 480 pixel screen resolution, but the interesting part is the tablet is powered by Android 2.2 operating system.

Android 2.2 Operating System is also known as Froyo. Additionally there are some mind blowing features also included in this beautiful tablet like 4 GB flash memory that can even extend via microSDHC Slot, 750p HD playback etc. But the company has not cleared anything about the ram and the Processor of this beautiful edition. But it is expected that the video playback time and music playback time will be good in this.

We have not reviewed this device yet, so it is very hard to be commenting anything about it. Though, it is not running either with the Google mobile Operating System tablet version including Android version 3.0 and Android version 3.1 or with the latest released Smartphone version of android i.e. Android 2.3 or Gingerbread.

This may create a bigger problem with Google and with his Android Operating System in future, because this search giant has not yet clear any suitable way to enforce what version its partners should choose for releasing their device with. Additionally this creates a poor experience for the users.

So, till yet I can only suggest if you ever make up your mind to purchase an Android tablet, then I can recommend you to choose the version of Android 3.X. And in this case the tablet looks like cheaper than Acer Iconia Tab A100, which present market price is $350.