Archos Unveils Two Cheap Android Tablet In Market

Archos, the tablet company, has applied some powerful hardware into an Android tablet and as a result they have managed to set their tablets’ price only few more bucks than the half of the Apple iPads’ price. In sequence to the fact Archos G9 series tablet will be introduced to the market on coming late September in two beautiful flavors. The company has declared $279 as the starting price of 8-inch tablet model, associated with the same screen resolution like apple iPad. In the sequence to the fact the price range of an apple iPad of 10.1 inch model starts at $349. All of these are associated with same widescreen format like many other existing Android tablets.

Both of the tablets will come out holding the hand of 1.5 GHz processor and it will run on Android operating system version 3.1. The company Archos also demands for its high battery life by commenting that the both devices will support 10 hours of Internet Usage and 7 hours of music playback.

Both of the tablets are associated with the optional 250 GB hard drive in spite of the smaller solid state device, which generally can be found in most of the recent tablets. Though, I have seen a hard drive in an Archos tablet which I can say quite different in terms of thickness, weight and heat. In general the tablet may come out with 16 GB solid state internal drive.

Archos tablet has been designed with a 3G stick, attached into a notch in the back side of the tablet, aside from that the device is allowed to be upgraded in Wi-Fi model in any time. Eventually Archos declared that this 3G device will cost an extra $49. But I think that this wireless carrier will make a way to meddle along with this affair, especially in the country of US.

Though Archos has not showed off the tablets yet, but they have declared that the tablet flavors will be shown off on early September. So, it is expected that it will be an eye touching like its price.