Are Two Monitors Better Than One?

Here Is Why You Need Dual Monitors
You walk into your co-worker’s office and do a double-take at the two (or more) computer screens set up on his desk. At first glance, it might seem like overkill , Is it really necessary to work with multiple screens? What’s wrong with just one monitor? Yet an increasing number of people are setting up multiple displays on their desks these days. They have compelling arguments for the advantages of having two or more monitors.

The Business Side
Sure, it looks pretty fancy, But studies have shown that having a setup of two or more screens can actually increase productivity to around 40%. The benefits are seemingly endless. Have you ever felt frustrated over having to juggle the multiple windows on your desktop, minimizing some to access others – maybe even accidentally closing them in all the confusion? A second screen can work wonders in organizing multiple windows, and give you more space to work with. Professionals have found their second screen to be indispensable with video editing, design, programming, and many other tasks. You can choose from a list of amazing monitors by visiting here. 

The Home Offfice
Maybe you’ve taken home some work, but you want to have your email open on your second screen. Having two monitors is especially useful when working on multiple spreadsheets or monitoring  you’re doing homework and have some research going on one screen, with a movie or a game on the second one for when you need a break. Some people also find a second screen helpful to take a Skype call without having to disrupt any of their work. Having a second screen set up in your home or office can be as simple as hooking up your laptop to your PC.

Monitors Rear

To some people, a few points might detract from the allure of setting up a second monitor. Having two screens divides the function of the video card, so you’d either need a very good one – or two cards. Some might find it hard to come up with the extra desk space needed for a second screen. Others might not be able to justify the cost (which, fortunately, is coming down all the time for good LCD monitors). And some may find it distracting to have two or more screens at the same time. If you’re undecided whether a second screen would work for your needs, see if you can test it out with a friend or co-worker’s setup, or hook up your laptop’s screen to your home PC and give it a try. You might find that the benefits to two screens outweigh any disadvantages.

If your work or home PC use demands multitasking, you’ll probably find that a dual-monitor setup is extremely helpful. New screens are getting more affordable all the time, and most good video cards will support the use of more than one screen. If you have both a laptop and a home PC, you probably already have the capability to set up two screens already. This “luxury” is becoming more commonplace in the workforce, and is worth looking into if editing, comparing documents, and using multiple windows are a regular part of your job.

Author Bio:
Jared Jacobs has professional and personal interests in everything technology. He works with Dell and is very interested in keeping up with breakthroughs in electronics. He’s also a big Rockets and Texans fan.