Both Samsung and HTC expected to gain additional sales by next quarter

Experts believe that Samsungs Electronic and HTC would come on top in sales for the second quarter.  The cellphone industry will benefit from Google’s software, with smartphone packaged with the software; it will not be long until the sales come.

Within a few years, Google’s Android software platform has taken the number 1 spot on smartphone as their software.

Nokia and LG Electronics lost some shares in the first quarter.

CCS Insight analyst Geoff Blaber says they are expecting the second-quarter sales to be better. They could make what they have lost in the first quarter.

Both Apple and Nokia have not filed their quarterly report.

smOverall, Nokia still leads in the cellphone market volumes selling about 95.5 million phones, followed by Samsung’s 73.7 million.

Although Nokia is leading right now, Analyst believes that Samsung will gain more sales in the coming quarters also the possibility of overtaking Nokia next year.

They believe that Apple can sell around 16.9 million units in the second quarter, which is twice as many as last year, although less than last quarter sales as the popularity of IPhone 4 slowly fade.

HTC sales expected to up by 11.4 million units this quarter, which is lower than last year’s 5.4 million.  The company currently holds the title as the seventh largest cellphone company in the world.

With the rowing economic worries, the cellphone industry will also be affected, but it will regain the sales will rise again by 10.7 per cent volume growth by the end of the quarter.  Cellphones got a  strong demand right now.

Samsung, which has suffered, a decrease in their sales will regain back its strong expected to sell about 19 million smartphones by  the second quarter.  Likely, it will overpass its last year total sales of 60 million units.

Jin Sung-hye, an analyst at Hyundai Securities, say there is only few products online that could match the Galaxy S II since Apple might have been postponing the debut of the new Iphone.  Nokia has not introduced anything new for the longest time.

Samsung’s Galaxy S II sold approximately 3 million units ever since it launched back in April 2011. Few analysts believe that the ultra-slim phone will have 20 million sold units at the end of the quarter.

LG has not entered the cellphone market at all.

However, they are able to lessen the amount of money loose other companies are suffering now.

Both investors and analyst are still waiting for the effect of what happens with Japan a few months ago regarding the Earthquake and Tsunami that hit the country.