Chromebook – The Next Big Thing on the Web

What is a chromebook?
Chromebook is a revolutionary new computer, which is going to hit the markets shortly. Google has developed the technology in conjunction with Acer and Samsung. The gadget will run on Chrome operating system. Chromebook can be best explained as a computer that is a higher version of a notebook with better features and lesser application time. It is going to be quicker and more efficient than any other similar device. These battery operated gadgets promise to provide all the features of a conventional notebook and much more. It is surely going to excite gadget lovers all over the world.

Features of chromebook
Centered on the chrome web browser, chromebook has been endowed with a plethora of features, applications and tools. The battery is supposed to last a whole day of usage on full charge. This new generation computer will have an optional 3G feature if users require the web. The best thing about chromebook is its in built multi level security system, which provides complete protection from virus and so, users can breathe a sigh of relief because it provides freedom from having to load the chromebook with a horde of anti-virus software. Search options in the book are amazing, being based on the best search engine – Google. The computer can double as a television, phone and almost all other communication devices. Sharing information with friends and combining different apps to create new ones will be easier than ever before.

Advantages of chromebook
This new computer is going to be one of the most multi-purpose and beneficial gadgets. The computer is an all-in-one solution for all your communication needs. The operating system is compatible to HTML5 and so, your accessibility to various web applications is enhanced. The security of the computer has been well taken care of. The book will make available thousands of apps, which users can use to simplify their life. Cloud storage will keep your information safe all the time, even if the computer happens to encounter problems. The computer has been designed to update itself when you switch it on and the booting time is just eight seconds.

When will chromebook be available for purchase?
This wonder gadget will be available for the customers of US, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany and UK from June 15. People from other countries can avail this feature in the following months. However, chromebook will be available in the leading online stores. So, if you are willing to pay international shipping charges, then you can have the computer in any part of the world.

Overall review
Chromebook looks very good. However, its performance will be known once it is released in the market. There have been certain uncertainties regarding its cloud only storage, automatic updates that may load unnecessary apps, limited models and cost, which includes cost of the device, which is around $500 and monthly subscription of $28. Nevertheless, the device is very compact and comprehensive. Gadget lovers will definitely want to check out this new age computer. Whether it is strong enough to surpass the sales of the currently leading models is an uncertainty that only time will clarify.