Death of Steve Jobs nourishes IPhone mania

On Friday, Apple store got by the iPhone 4S craze as million of Apple fans flocked to the nearest store. All of them hopes that they could own the last iPhone that Steve Jobs created.

The iconic chief executive’s death caused a more somber air than usual to a number of Apple shops rejoicing the launch of the iPhone 4S, with fans placing flowers alongside the long lines waiting to buy.

The loss of the iconic leader of Apple’s cultist following  expected in helping the company to reach sales of more than a million in the first week.

Steve Wozniak, the guy, who was there at the start of the company have camped out outside of a store so that he would be the first one to buy iPhone 4S.  He revealed that he does not have to camp outside a store since a new iPhone is going to be delivered in front of his home every time there is a new released.  However, he likes the feeling of waiting in line.

For him, the product is more than just a cellphone.  It means something in his life.

Wozniak triumphantly leaved the Apple Store stroking his new iPhone 4S.

Apple users imagine themselves as an elite group, and their feel of the community got increased by the tributes for Jobs and jokes about the tragedy Blackberry suffered.

22 year old Nicole Mclain, said that this is her first time to own an iPhone.   Although, he got a blackberry he admitted that it is far from the iPhone 4S.

20-year-old Anton Makhlov claims he is the fourth guy to get an iPhone 4S.

Users say they love Apple’s Macintosh computers, iPhones, iPods and iPads since it has changed the lives of the users.

Rob Shoesmith says he used to work as a bin man, but his life changed when he created an app, and it becomes a hit in 2009.

42-year-old forex trader Duncan Hoare says Steve Jobs’ death makes him want to own an Iphone 4S.  He got devastated to learn that Apple’s CEO died.

Friday’s unveiling did not extend to all corners of the planet; however, it will soon hit the stores. Brazilian tourist Ricardo was already awake 5:00 am at the Paris store so that he could be sure that he could be one of the first people to own the iPhone 4S.

The party started at sun-up on the other side of the world as hundreds lined up outside Apple’s stores in Sydney and Tokyo.  They are filming themselves with their newly bough iPhones while the staffs clapped, cheered and chanted.