Google Chrome Remote Desktop Beta Released

Here presents great news for people, who are afraid and do not feel comfortable to believe third party vendors to connect two computers. Google has a gift for them. Google is associating Google Chrome Browser with a feature that allows setting up connection between two computers. The Remote Desktop Connecting feature is no doubt a new amaze from Google.

Although there are other services that allow people to connect any two remote computers, such as TeamViewer and, which is a website etc., people does not always feel safe to use them. But with Google Chrome Browser the scenario is different because the trust that Google has earned definitely make people to depend on it.

Google has named the new feature Chrome Remote Desktop. The Chrome Remote Desktop will allow any two remote computers that have the Chrome browser to share any data. The chrome browser comes with the sum of Windows, Linux, Mac and Chromebooks. To set up the connection between the remote computers one is required to select a password and share it with the person, who possesses the second computer. They need to enter the particular password every time they want to connect the two remote computers. It has been assured by Google that without entering the password one cannot access the other computer.

The new feature is believed to be very much useful for business purpose users. People who need constant instruction from IT professional will found the service very much useful. Other than that big companies that need to train their employees about new business plans or software applications can also use the Google Chrome Remote Desktop service.

It has been announced at the company’s side that the new service is now applicable to access other computer for technical support. But Google has promised that the service will soon allow the users to access their own computers from distant places.

The Google Chrome beta has released on Friday and the core technology is expected to come soon.