Google Introducing Ads On Chrome

Sometimes ago the giant search engine Google introduced the all new Google Chrome Browser. Most recently has been found that Google is approaching ads automatically in the Chrome Browser. Although Google is doing it in a modest way through a yellow box at the top of the page some users are already afraid that it may become Google’s routine to do so.

The new device from Google the Chromebook which is based on Chrome Browser is the topic of those ads. The Chromebook is going to hit the market in the Christmas holidays. Some users are supporting Google for the ads because it is their right to publish ads on its free browser. But some people are also thinking of switching the browser if they did not get the option to switch off the ads.

Users will be comfortable with that activity of Google till it sticks to the new tab page without being prominent. But it is expected that Google will not let it happen. Google chrome was introduced in the month of September in 2008. Even at that very time it was clear that Google Chrome is an additional means of making profit for Google. But besides making money Google has offered people a faster, smoother and more supportive browser.

To serve the purpose of making money Google frequently utilizes Google Chrome to introduce new and upcoming Web-applications and also SPDY network and many such standards, WebP images and WebP videos. Most recently Google has introduced on Chrome a gamepad which have the ability of interacting with web content that are on Chrome.

Paul Kinlan from Google has mentioned that the updates about the gamepad will follow in the beginning of the very next year. Except allowing support for the gamepad Chrome will also allow users to use microphones and webcams without installing extra plug-ins.