Google Upcoming Plan To Replace Javascript By Dart

Google has announced a new programming language early this morning at the Goto Conference that held in Denmark. The programming language is called Dart. The programmer of the new programming language has revealed that Dart is believed to replace the functionality of JavaScript with its more efficient work ability.

For the sake of the users Google has also launched a Dart Language Site, which will allow people to acquire knowledge about the Dart Programs, code samples. The site will also allow access to tutorials for writing Dart Programs, supporting libraries, the forums for discussion. Google has also promised to offer the Dart language specification through that site.

That Dart’s initial aim is to replace JavaScript, eventually which was revealed by a 2010 internal memo, Dash. But Mr. Lars Bak, who is the programmer of that language has not yet declared clearly that Dart is intended to declare the retirement of JavaScript. They must be playing safe or don’t want to reveal their real intentions to public.

What he specified about Dart is only its basic specs. Dart is specially geared to create more flexible and user friendly language for Web Programming. Dart will equally work on various kind of Web Browsers also. It has been claimed at the company’s side that Dart is designed in such a way that it can create simple and less complicated web programs as well as large and complex web programs.

To run a Dart program a special Dart Virtual Machine will be required. But there is nothing to worry, if you don’t have it. You will only need a compiler that is able to translate Dart Codes into JavaScript code. In this way you can run the Dart programs on the web browsers that do not support Dart programs. Mr. Bak has informed that they are planning to incorporate the Dart Virtual Machine into Google Chrome very soon.