How Good Is Spotify

Spotify launched in the United States

The digital music streaming service Spotify has been very popular across Europe. This streaming service has been launched in the United States of America. However, users want to know if Spotify has all the necessary features of a good music streaming service. Experts feel that the service does have certain positive features but is also lacking in some aspects.

Other music streaming options

Presently, in addition to Spotify, several other options that provide music streaming services are available. These include Pandora, Rhapsody, Grooveshark, and Sony Music’s Unlimited by Qriocity. Several users highly recommend the Sony Music’s music streaming services.

Grooveshark features

The user interface of Grooveshark is of an excellent quality providing convenience to the users. The service offers thousands of free songs and more excellent social networking features than the competition. However, synchronizing the iTunes library with this music streaming service is very complicated and beyond the understanding of most of its users. Nonetheless, the anywhere for free plan is ideal for smart phones that use various platforms, which include iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

Features of Music Unlimited

Most users recommend this service from Music Unlimited and are willing to pay the charges to use the service. It seamlessly synchronizes with the PlayStation 3 while Sony retains over six million of its songs from all the major labels. Windows PCs have an advantage over Mac, because Windows PCs can synchronize their iTunes libraries and playlists through the online platform. However, the service is presently available only for devices that are supported with the Android platform.

Spotify features

The service is appropriate for desktop use and is very convenient to synchronize the iTunes library. Although, not all the popular musical tracks are available with Spotify, almost seventy-five percent of the most popular songs are available. Users can log in to the application from any computer located at different locations without having to log in with the home computer. However, there are several advertisements that pop up while using this music streaming service. Moreover, Spotify has almost double the number of musical tracks that are available with the service. The music streaming service works well with smart phones like the iPhone. However, one big drawback of Spotify is that the service does not provide compatibility with the PlayStation 3 or Smart TV applications. Nonetheless, the music streaming service is impressive and is expected to become popular with the American music lovers population.