HP’s New Probook – NoteBook with Multitasking Capability

HP’s new Probook

HP has extended its range of notebooks by incorporating AMD’s sophisticated, newly built technology that is designed for meeting the special needs with its outstanding performance. The Hewlett Packard Company is known for its excellence and has occupied a pioneering position in building the A-series processors. It has gained the top slot for increasing its exceptional performance for users especially in the business field. The company has brought out its Probook in keeping with the notebook trends in the current electronic market.What’s new?

Utilization of Vision technology and enhanced graphics in the probook b-series allows the users to perform multitasking and applications like web browsing and video conferencing in a much easier manner. It provides an amazing notebook experience with a number of innovative features. The Probook 6465b is incorporated with Accelerated Processing Units (APU) and also offers good security and enhanced performance with a chic look. This framework is user friendly and the user can make the most of it. It ensures an ultimate experience and offers new features that are aimed at user’s comfort.

Design specifications of probook 6465b

The Probook comes with a 14 pin LED and incorporates a screen resolution of 1366 x 768. Its design specifications include an AMD quad-core processor with enhanced dual graphic cards. Its Hard Disk Storage (HDD) ranges from 320GB to 500GB and includes three USB 2.0 ports with a reliable keyboard. The processor comes with 1.6GHz and 2.1 GHz chipset as well. The HP Probook b-series starts with a cost of $649 and it might be available from 27th of June.

What next?

The company is getting geared up for the release of its new tablet that is based on touch screen technology. This tablet is incorporated with WebOS platform and is expected to cost around 399 Euros and 499 Euros for 32GB.


Considered as the world’s largest and the most popular company with its sophisticated technology, HP continues to win the hearts of people with its wide range of notebooks available at affordable prices. The company offers amicable solutions for its consumers and clients. With its present device and many more in line, the company is surely is making its way to the top. Nevertheless, the competition in the electronics industry is fierce with every major company including Apple, Samsung and Google bringing out their notepads and notebooks. Since customers have a huge choice, only the best product will ultimately manage to stay in the market. As of now, HP has to travel certain distance to carve a niche for its products in the cream of gadgets.