HP Pavilion G4 Is Cheap But Runs Out Of Gas

HP is going through real tough times in the laptop market thanks to the stiff competition by the very closely related competitors who are not ready to give away an inch. In order to keep their stability and improve the sale of laptops HP has come up with a good laptop at affordable price which surely will find a place in the laptop market with its grace and power. The new HP pavilion G4 is not a high priced one – ranging from 390$-435$ and is really good on its components. The notebook is pretty much simple in design and does not contain much architecture and textures on its body. The only part that can catch the eyes is the elevated HP logo at the bottom corner of the lid which is light Pearl Pinkish in color (HP does have a few other shades to go with it too).

Anyway it looks pretty much perfect from outside. The interior is blackish surrounding the screen region and the base of the keyboard comes with the same finish as on the lid. The 13.4 inch width with about 4.6 pounds weight it is just about perfect for being carried to any place without much problem.

The keyboard is in island style and the keys are well spaced and are flat at the top. It is convenient to type about 45 words per minute using ten fingers with only 1 per cent error rate which is comparatively very good. The keypad is something in which HP has always maintained its quality and this is no exception. The touchpad is good as well, even though at some point of time it appeared to be a bit slow in responding and therefore cannot be given the full rating.

The 1.9 GHz AMD Dual Core A4-3300M is not that can really give a boosting performance but combining with the 4GB RAM it can provide standard performance at all levels. The 320 GB hard disk drive with 5400 rpm boots up Windows 7 very fast and is above the average level, but the file transfer rate really causes much problem. It is slower than normal and the graphic output is also not as bold as is expected from it.

The battery backup as usual is not great. It lasts for a maximum of 4 hours 30 minutes at the most and is very much below par. However, for those who want to get a laptop at a fair cheap rate this i the one.