HTC On The High With Pro 7

Smartphones have taken over the world rapidly. All the work that one intends to do in a PC can be done in a smartphone. One very important advantage of a smartphone is that it can be easily carried from one place to another in one’s pocket since it is obviously much smaller in size than a laptop or PC. The HTC Pro 7 is one such smartphone which can be actually used as a substitute for a PC especially for those who need the internet for a large part of the day due to official or other purposes. The HTC Pro 7 runs on a 1 GHz Scorpion processor which performs well and easily serves your purpose. The phone consists of 448MB RAM and along with it there is a ROM of 512MB. The General Processing Unit or the GPU is the Adreno 200.

No microSD card slot is present in the phone. However there is an internal phone memory of 16GB which is quite good when no memory card slot is available. One may also opt for an 8GB of internal phone memory which may not be desirable in this situation. The battery life is however average. It last for around 5 hours when on the 2G network. On 3G it lasts for a longer period of time. It must also be said that the battery is much larger than that of most of the other smartphones. The Windows Mobile 6.5 is not used as the operating system in this set. Instead an upgraded version namely the Windows Phone 7 is used which gives the user a totally new experience. There are hubs which help you to get access to different items such as music and video, games, pictures, etc. There are Facebook and Twitter as well. The Windows Phone 7 is certainly much better than its predecessor and it is very easy to use also.

The handset is also extremely good for the eye. It is mostly in black and is so small that it can be easily carried in one’s pockets. There is a slide out keyboard which is of the QWERTY nature and one can type on the well positioned keys with no difficulty. The display is of 3.6 inches in size. The pictures are bright and clear. The 5 megapixel camera is worth mention here. Softwares like the Face detection and Geo tagging are present. The camera also has the auto focus feature and the LED flash. As the smartphone market becomes more and more competitive the HTC Pro 7 may turn out to be one of the smartphones to look out for.