HTC Will Buy Own Mobile Operating System

Cell phone and tablet manufacturer company HTC has now decided to buy their own mobile Operating System in order to place themselves in a unique position in the market.

In this matter Economic Observer of China report has stated “With the sequence to the fact Cher Wang has said that their company is now taking their time to craft out unique platform that will quite be able to bead existing Operating System platform like Windows phone, iOS and Android – in a sense we exactly want to offer something new in the market.”

Cher Wang has said “In this matter we have already started to search out the unique platform for it but I am sorry to say that we have not yet quiet been able to craft out any suitable platform for it.”

Wang has also said “At present we can use any operating system that we want to use, but we are now trying to make something different from both our retailers point of view and users point of view, that why we are now shifting towards a second or third layer platform. Though, in this matter our entire teams are now busy to find out a new platform for us, but this is not meant that we have to produce our own Operating System.”

Hidden Mystery Behind It:

The layers which referred to here from the side of HTC are nothing but user interface on the top – but if we analyzed it from HTC’s point of view then we can find that it is very different from the stock Android UI and Samsung’s TouchWiz with the help of that their cell phones run.

Though, in this matter the authority of HTC has not opened their mouth too much but some hidden sources have said that in this matter HTC has already paid a high royalty fee to their developers, so its developing work is going at this moment.