Intel On The Way To Launch Smartphones And Tablets Powered By 32nm Medfield Processor

Intel most recently has launched the prototype of their upcoming smartphone and tablet. The smartphones and tablets will run on Intel’s forthcoming 32nm Medfield processor. The mentioned processors of Intel for the first time are designed to give the Arm chips a pretty hard challenge in mobile phone sector.

Intel has reported to send the plan of designs of the smartphones and tablets to the Technology Review. The company has also mentioned that devices are already being sent to number of manufacturers who are interested in manufacturing devices powered by the 32nm Medfield processor. The company has also allowed the manufactures to choose from their reference design according to their preference.

The appearance of the aforementioned smartphones will remind of Apple iPhone 4. But according to Intel those smarphones will be lighter than iPhone 4 because they will be made of plastic instead of metal and glass. The operating system incorporated in the smartphone is the version 3 of Android Operating System or the Gingerbread Android OS. The smartphones will have the feature of running Blu-ray quality videos and also stream it to television.

While discussing the camera quality of the phone Intel has mentioned that the camera of the device will feature a unique mode of snapping 10 images of full size and 8 mega pixel quality in the speed of 15 per second. The mentioned camera feature is the product of the image processing company Silicon Hive which Intel has achieved.

In case of the tablets Intel has mentioned that although those tablets will also be powered by the same 32nm Medfield processor like the smartphones the operating system will be the version 4 of Android OS or the Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS. The appearance of the mentioned tabs will remind of the iPad 2 from Apple. Although the screen size will be larger the weight and thickness of the forthcoming Intel tab will be the same as the iPad 2.