Intel Unveils Its New Ultrabooks at Computex

The family of Intel declared that this new class of the mobile device world 40 percent of the consumer laptop market will claim by the end of 2011.

Intel also used the event in order to unveil their first Ultrabook by holding the hand of the Asus the UX21.

The Asus UX21 is too much less in size which is 20 mm thick and will be enabled for instant log-on, which also doubling up as a touchscreen tablet device when it is folded. Jonney Shin, The chairman of Asus declared”Our company is aligned too much with Intel’s Ultrabook version. ” He also said “Our customers are now demanding to have an uncompromised computing experience in a lightweight and highly portable design that must be quite be able to respond their needs ASAP.”

Intel also said that the Ultrabook UX21 and up to 32 additional Ultrabook devices will go on sale for about £600 in time since the winter holiday shopping season.

The first devices in the world that will features by the chips from Intel’s Atom netbook platform bearing the code name Trail and will run on Google Chrome OS, MeeGO and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

But all of those products will release during the first half of the next year and additionally will be based on Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge processors, here is not over this processors are associated with 22nm manufacturing technology and its new 3D translator process will be unveiled earlier in this month.

Dean Maloney, the executive vice president of Intel, said “We believe that the changes with Intel is making its roadmaps together along with strong industry collaboration which will bring near about an exciting change in the personal computing over the next few years.”