iOS 5.0.1 Arrives In Market

Apple has finally launched their revised version of iOS 5, the iOS 5.0.1. A few days ago Apple users registered complaints of battery drainage against iOS 5. That is why Apple introduced iOS 5.0.1 this morning to fix the outage. The Operating System is available on iTunes. People who are already using devices that support iOS 5 can install the iOS 5.0.1 over the air.

Although the reason of the problems, occurred in iOS 5 in last days has not yet been announced at the company’s side it is being assumed that the new updated version will solve the issues. Customers of Apple devices suffered from many problems including the battery issue in last days. The iOS 5.0.1 is believed to solve the problems and in addition it will solve the problems regarding the saved documents in the iCloud. The company has also claimed that the iOS 5.0.1 will also deliver an improvisation of voice recognition facility for the users in Australia. The Australian users of Apple had registered many complaints about the voice recognition app offered by Apple.

Users who desire to install the update of iOS 5 over the air will have to follow the easy steps mentioned below: Settings ?General ?Software Update. The system will take the next required steps. It will simply connect to the Apple’s server, search for the latest software update then it will download and install the update. As the update is of 45 MB Apple has advised that the device should be connected to an external battery source to experience uninterrupted downloading and installation procedure.

When the iPhone 4S was launched in the last month of October complaints of excess battery drainage against theiPhone 4S and iOS 5 was raised by many people. Some thought that the problem occurred due to the iOS 5’s location services. Some put the responsibility to the new notification system. However following the statement that Apple gave toAll Things D, it can be said that both or either of the above mentioned reasons was responsible for the battery life issue.