iPhone 4S Broken All Previous Mobile Sale Records

Every man who is interested in latest ups and downs in the tech world knows about the latest released iPhone from one of the biggest mobile manufacturing company Apple. The iPhone about which we are talking is the iPhone 4S. There have been many discussions in the tech market about the mentioned device.

Most recently Apple has declared that the above mentioned iPhone has crossed the selling limit of 4 million within a week after its releasing date. Last year when iPhone 4 was released it also made record of selling within the first week after its release. But the record created by iPhone 4S has broken the record of iPhone 4. It has been declared at the company’s side that the selling record of iPhone 4S was expected and experts estimated it earlier.

iOS 5 has already reached to 25 million people and at present more than 20 million people have become iCloud users. Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing Mr. Philip Schiller has asserted that the selling record of Apple iPhone 4S has broken all the previous selling records of mobile and with the iOS 5 and iCloud the iPhone 4S is going to offer the users the best mobile handset ever before. He has also mentioned that it is a great start for the mentioned iPhone 4S.

Last week the iPhone 4S got 1 million pre – orders in just 24 hours. From this record many analysts assumed that the selling number of Apple iPhone 4S would be between 2 million and 3 million in the first week after release. Only Carl Howe from Yankee Group predicted that the selling records would be more than 4 million and finally they are proved to be true.

The phone was opened to be sold from the 14th of October, 2011 in US, Canada, Australia, UK, France and Germany.