iPhone 4S Offering Poor Battery Life Like Ordinary Cheap Handsets

The long expected iPhone from Apple the 4S broke all the records of pre order that we all know. But that mobile handset is not as good as it was expected to be. It can be said to give poor performance in some specific fields than the previous models of iPhone.

Many people who brought the iPhone 4S has registered complaints against the battery life of the mentioned mobile handset. According to those people although created by one of the best and most costly mobile manufacturing companies, Apple the iPhone 4S gives poor battery support like cheap mobile handsets.

Most recently those people who suffered from the poor battery life of their iPhone 4S have reported that Apple engineers contacted them and requested them to install a monitoring program in their phone so that they could find out the problem behind the poor battery life issue.

When Apple disclosed the data sheet of the iPhone 4S they mentioned that the mobile handset would support 200 hours of stand- by time. It must be noted here that the previously launched iPhone 4 and the original iPhone launched in 2007 supported stand – by battery time of 300 hrs and 250 hrs respectively. While questions were raised about that it was assured at the company’s side that other battery life spans would be more than the previous iPhone models; but the company did not give any reply to the questions raised about the less battery stand – by time of iPhone 4S.

One of the customers who faced the problem mentioned that the battery life of his iPhone 4S drained 10 per cent every hour even in stand –by mood. He also mentioned that he had switched off all the features like Siri and even tried with resetting the phone but still the battery did not show any better performance. He reported that a senior engineer from Apple when came to know about his problem from his post contacted him and apologized to him for such inconvenience and in a helpful manner requested him to install a monitoring program.

In some cases it has been seen that keeping the Google contacts and the MobileMe leads to the unusual drainage of battery life.