iPhone’s Battery Issue Not Solved Yet

Apple lunched their latest iPhone 4S a few months ago. Although people were very much excited about the iPhone 4S the handset did not seem to meet their expectations. The iPhone 4S along with many other minor problems showed the problem of excessive battery drainage.

To solve the battery life issue and meet people’s expectations Apple introduced an updated version of iOS 5, the iOS 5.0.1. But the update also has failed to solve the issue although it was designed to serve that particular purpose.

It has been informed at the company’s side to All Things D that many of the customers who had suffered from the battery life problem reported that the update solved their problem. But still there are customers who are suffering in spite of installing and downloading iOS 5.0.1. Apple is still investigating the issue.

According to the leaked news from some sources Apple is planning on designing another update of the iOS 5. But the news has not yet been confirmed officially because all the iPhone 4S users are not experiencing the issue. At least the company has admitted that they have detected problems with the power reserve system of the mentioned handset. That is why they announced that they would bring software to solve the bugs within few weeks.

According to their promise the update was launched on last Friday. It was the iOS 5.0.1. But the iOS 5.0.1 did not seem to satisfy the customers of iPhone 4S. There remain many things behind a phone’s retain charge. That is why it is really hard to find out which factor is working inefficiently in charge retaining. Low battery life is the issue with all of the smartphones. But in case of excessive battery drainage of iPhone 4S users are suggested to turn off location services, reduce the brightness etc.