Is Amazon Selling HTC Vigor Batteries?

According to Amazon, one of its pages is making HTC Vigor batteries available for sale for customers. The most ironic part is that the phone is not yet released into the market. What is more, the phone has not even been announced officially. There is a lot of confusion about the release date of the phone as well. While some sources have reported that the phone will be released on the 5th of October, others have reported a release on 13th October. The phone is supposed to be released under Verizon network. The features of the battery have also been posted on the page. The battery is supposed to have a capacity of 1,620mAh. The capacity, if suitable for the phone, is bigger than that of the predecessor HTC Thunderbolt., which also runs on Verizon network.

The new phone Vigor is to be released as a replacement of the Thunderbolt. The page selling the replacements for these batteries has mentioned technical specifications as well. The part number is given as 35H00168-02M. However, since there has not been any official announcement regarding the release of the phone from the Taiwanese manufacturer, HTC, there is doubt and speculation about the authenticity of the battery. Buyers are requested to wait until the official announcement before buying the phone in a hurry. There are also speculations about the battery power when it used other than in ideal conditions. The features of the phone, apart from those of the battery have been released. One thing that is known is that the device will run on Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread operating system. The phone will also have LTE radios along with dual core processor.

These features are definitely going to need more power. There is also a rumor that HTC Vigor will not be called Vigor at all and might be renamed HTC Thunderbolt 2. The phone is said to very similar in appearance to HTC Droid Incredible and so, the name might also be HTC Droid Incredible HD. Other features of the phone are 4G LTE internet connectivity provided by Verizon, a 4.3 WVGA display, 1.5 GHz dual core processor, 1280×720 pixel high definition screen resolution and 1GB RAM. The phone will also have an 8 mega pixel camera that will be equipped with 1080 pixel high definition video recorder and dual LED flash. The internal storage of 16GB with 32GB external storage will also be provided by means of a class 10 microSD card.