Kindle Fire Finally Overtaken iPad

According to the recent market research in spite of Apple’s new offering of $ 75 gift card on the purchase of every iPad 2 Amazon’s Kindle Fire has won the crown of best selling tablets in the Black Friday deals.

Kindle Fire has also secured the top position of Best Buy’s best selling tablets, in terms of being the lowest priced tablet, mentioned Business Insider. But from the survey it must not be assumed that Kindle Fire has overtaken the sale of iPads; rather Fire has turned down only selected models of ipad. However, the record is very special for Amazon because Amazon’s Xoom and Nook has fallen much behind in the race.

It has been claimed at the company’s side that 4 times more Kindle Fire had been sold during the yearly shopping session in the last year. So, the outstanding sale in the Black Friday deals has just brought bonus profits for Amazon. Since the last 8 weeks before the black Friday deals and the Monday Shoppers deals the Kindle Fire has maintained the first position in the best selling product list of Amazon’s website.

Before that we never get sales records of Kindle products but market researchers were tracking on the records of kindle Fire sale as its selling records were continuously going up. According to them Amazon is about to ship 20 per cent more Kindle Fires this year. A market analyst at Barclays Capital, Mr. Anthony DiClemente has mentioned that if the Kindle Fire continuous to sale in the same way then during the fourth quarter of 2011 13.6 million Kindle products will be sold which means a rise of 2.6 million than before.

Very cheap price is undoubtedly the major factor behind Kindle Fire’s sale although a few months ago market research firm iSuppli mentioned that Amazon was running on a loss by selling Kindle Fire.