Kyocera Will Release Its DIGNO By December

The Japanese handset manufacturer Kyocera is making a real head start into the industry of smartphones where there is large no. of smartphones already produced. In spite of all this the new Kyocera Digno is a stylish handset to possess if you do not want to spend so many bucks for an apple iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy. The Kyocera Digno has got great looks and the multi touch input is something which provides the users with smooth touch sensation and fast opening of apps. The 4 inch super AMOLED display is perfect and its brightness also suits your eyes to perfection. The toughened glass is also very strong and can resist friction up to a very high level. The greatest plus point for this handset is that it is really slim. It is only 8.7m thick and can give real headache for the smartphone manufacturers from here on. What’s more, it is also water proof which makes it real user friendly device and easy to operate.

It is really lightweight- only weighs 130 grams. Also you can know how much easy it is for you to carry and its size is sufficient for stress-free handling as well. The processor is however not the greatest of the cutting edge technology, but simply you cannot ignore the 1GHz Snapdragon processor.The support is well provided by the processor to the Android 2.3 OS which means that you can go through your aps at fair speed and therefore easy editing of you documents is also possible. The 8 mega pixel camera provides good quality images but it lacks a bit of clarity. In the dual LED flash helps of course, but the picture quality is not as good as in other smartphones manufactured by HTC or Samsung. There is front facing VGA camera which helps you in taking video conferencing calls and thus improves your business performance to some extent.

The 3G connection and Wi Max helps you in connecting to the internet and share your documents with the outside word. Also you are able to continue with your social networking at very high speed. The data transfer rate supports up to 40 Mbps. The Mobile TV and Mobile wallet are also very useful technologies used in this handset. The micro SD card support is available and it has internal memory of 2GB. The handset will be expected to be released in December. It is a real good deal for business customers.